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ZX Omni 128HQ Desktop


Before I start, I feel I must emphasise that these are created to order and can take an incredibly long time before you'll get your mitts on them!

With that out of the way, lets jump in! What is the ZX Omni? Well, in a nutshell it is a modern ZX Spectrum conceived by Djordje Mitić of Retro Radionics with a load of good stuff packed in to that little case. Here's a run down:

Two joystick ports

One of them in a Kempston joystick (which can be turned off with the change of a dip switch), the other is a Sinclair port but not for Sinclair joysticks - you can't use your SJS-1 in this port but you can use your standard Atari/Kempston style.

Two SD card slots

It has a full size slot and micro SD. I believe only one can be used at a time, however I may be wrong. Through dip switch settings you can choose between UnoDOS 3, DivMMC 0.8.7 or DivMMC 0.8.8 - you can also entirely deactivate with the dip switches if you so desire, and the Omni retains the Ear and Mic sockets of the original.

Multiple ROMs

Again through the dip switches you can change which ROM your Omni boots with, they are:

Not entirely sure why would want 2 diagnostic ROMs but hey ho.

Wifi modem

Yes, you can get your Speccy online and there is a fantastic gopher client. I will be looking more at connectivity stuff in the future!

Other enhancements over the original include:

How is it to use? Well, it's a Speccy! Need I say more?

Sound is an interesting one, it seems to put out some sound via the internal speaker and some through the RGB - that's certainly how it sounds to my ears anyway.

[2023-04-17] Update on the sound issue, thanks to ZX Dunny it is possible to turn off the internal speaker by removing jumper 23.

It's not all sunshine however, the power adapter was not a standard UK affair and came with a very poor fitting adapter and the case had no rubber feet. Not necessarily an up or down but it comes with a SCART cable, however your standard Master System/Mega Drive composite cable will work fine.

All in all though, for around £150 it's pretty good. I would be looking at that to get my +2 fixed and all the DivMMC stuff etc as well. I got mine through UK reseller ZX Renew, however you can get it from Djordje direct too. All in all I am a very happy bunny and if you are the patient type I would highly recommend!