Jim Blimey

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Modern Games: The Curse of Oddville


Even though the Spectrum itself was discontinued in 1992 people have never stopped making games for it and today I am going to look at a game made in 2013.

The Curse of Oddville is an adventure game where you simply have to get to the castle to obtain The Orb of Hope so you can remove the Curse of Oddville (namedrop!). There is no combat, you just have to complete puzzles and test your reflexes getting past some funky little monsters.

There are only 9 screens to get through which on first play through will keep you busy for a bit, but sadly after you've figured it out once there is very little reason to replay it - the RZX Archive playthrough is actually less than 5 minutes!

It is a good little game and the sprites are colourful and the controls responsive. The puzzles aren't particularly taxing, although the monsters that appear on some screens are fast and catch you with ease if you're not paying attention.

There is very little sound to speak of, aside from an effortless fart noise when you pick items up the only other sound present is when you die.


Graphics 9/10
Sound 3/10
Addictiveness 6/10
Features 7/10

Overall 6/10

All in all a very good little game, the main issue is it's tiny size and lack of sound.

Download The Curse of Oddville from World Of Spectrum.