Jim Blimey

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Games of old: The Train Game


The Train Game is a train simulation game where you are in charge of the points on a railway line. There are 7 levels of play to contend with, each with their own sub levels giving you a total of 39 unique levels of difficulty. To progress to the next sub level you need to direct your trains to the various platforms and pick up 25 passengers.


The passengers are not the nicest of people however, if you keep one waiting too long they go "white with rage" and will hijack the next train to come their way. Even worse is if the platform fills up the next passenger to come along will chuck another passenger onto the line!

The points are switched by pressing the corresponding key, with up to 3 trains whizzing about things can get very chaotic! You can tell a train to stop at the next platform by pressing 1-3.

To ensure the absolute realism of the British rail network some levels will see a lost express or goods appear from a tunnel with the only way to get rid of it being sending back the way it came.

As if all of that wasn't enough for a 16K game then there's also a bonus round after each sublevel! Turntable shenanigans are the aim of the game here.

Check out my quick play below!