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fuse 1.6.0 SDL based Windows build


On the 14th March 2021 the team behind the fuse emulator released v1.6.0.

fuse is of course a well established, solid Speccy emulator but if you're running on Windows you lose out on the option to make it full screen, unless you build it from source using the SDL UI instead of Win32. This is a pain at the best of times, let alone if you're not a programmer with experience of UNIX based building.

Because I am one such person I have built this latest version and am providing it as a download here. No installer, just a zip file you extract and run!

When you launch fuse you'll notice there are no menus like you'd get in the standard Windows interface, but if you've used it on RetroPie or some other device you'll probably be familiar with the following keyboard shortcuts:

To enter full screen mode press F1 to bring up the main menu, and using the arrow keys navigate to Options, press return and you'll see Full screen in the Options menu!

If you wish to compile yourself, you will need MSYS2 installed and follow the instructions here for libspectrum, but use the following ./configure for fuse:

./configure --with-sdl --without-win32 --without-libxml2 --without-zlib --without-png \ 
--disable-sockets --prefix=/usr/local

You can download the zip file here (1.54Mb)!

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