Jim Blimey

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32 More ZX Spectrum Fonts


Char Bank is a collection of 32 fonts that first appeared on Italian magazine Load 'n' Run issue 34, and has been used quite regularly by the wonderful James O'Grady.

Seeing as I'd previously converted some fonts for use on the Speccy, I figured I'd go through the process of saving these and converting them to asm so you don't have to.

Within the archive I have provided asm files for you to copy and paste into your own stuff, bin files and a ZXBASIC source file demo used to create the images you see as well the images themselves.

Assuming you've got one of the bin files onto tape you can use it with the following code:

10 CLEAR 63999
20 LOAD ""CODE 64000
30 POKE 23607,249
40 PRINT "Buttocks!"
50 GOTO 40

You can download the zip archive from here (105K), and find the original Char Bank program over on Spectrum Computing.